Bearfoot Stays was founded in 2016 by Daen Christensen and Greg Vernon. Christensen and Vernon moved to Big Bear from Los Angeles in August 2016. Christensen worked in the travel industry the past 20 years. Vernon has been in the entertainment, aviation and real estate business. He designed and built homes in Los Angeles. “We both have a good sense of wanderlust,” Christensen said. Big Bear hadn’t been on their radar, but she said the Valley spoke to them the second they arrived in town.

Bearfoot Stays has three properties to book in the Snow Summit area. Vernon said they plan to hand-pick partner properties as well. He describes their homes as top quality, fun and adventurous.
Christensen said she looks forward to getting out the word to Southern California that now is a great time to visit Big Bear. “It’s the local gym for the back door of Los Angeles,” Vernon said.

Their first property, Red Timber Lodge (aka Logzilla), was available for rent in December 2016. “We fell headfirst into the busy season,” Christensen said. “We learned to shovel snow real quick.”  The second property, Bär Bunkhaus, became available shortly thereafter. The couple plans to spend the shoulder season renovating their third property, Basecamp.

Excerpts from “Taking Care of Business” article in the Big Bear Grizzly by Janet Dooley.